My Scrapbook Room

A couple years ago my husband and I converted a bedroom into my scrapbook room. We put up drywall, painted, added slatwall, tract lighting, carpeting and installed a new window. I realize I am a very lucky person to have a room dedicated to my scrapbooking hobby. I thought it might be nice to share a few pictures of my space so others can see where I create my layouts.

I have to admit I am an obsessive organizer and find myself much more productive if everything is well organized; so, there are lots of drawers, containers, and shelves in my space. I have two toolboxes (yes, the kind you would normally find in your husband's garage) which I use to organize tools and supplies such as ribbon, chipboard, and punches. They work well because they have drawers that glide and they are made for heavier items like punches. The drawers are also a variety of depths which can accommodate all of my different scrapbooking supplies. Much of my walls have slatwall added to allow me to add shelving at various levels which can be changed to suit my needs as they change. I also have a flatscreen tv which hangs on a swivel arm allowing me to position it wherever I need to watch my favorite shows while I work. My space is always evolving and changing; but for now, this is where I work.


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